After Oz


Written and Arranged by Cole Gentles

Piano, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals - Cole Gentles
Drums - Mike Greenfield
Violin - Meira Silverstein
Violin - Regina Bellantese
Viola - Ina Litera
Cello - Matt Goeke
Upright and Electric Bass - Tom Fiorini
French Horn - Jill VanNostrand
French Hord - Chad Yarbrough
Trombone - Christopher Schweizer
Produced by Cole Gentles
Engineered and Mixed by Dan Hoyt at The Lab, NYC


After Oz
Rainbows can fade into the sky that sent them down to you.
Youth falls away and time has a way of catching up with you.
All the yellow bricks are slowly turning gray,
And I can't remember which road I should take.
I've grown out of pigtails and my ruby shoes don't fit the same
as they used to.

Thought I'd escape by running away, but I was so naive.
I found out the hard way, Oz wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
'Cause I heard the scarecrow slowly went insane,
and the lion over through his magistrate.
And the rumor has it that the tin man's heart beats to this day
but it's rusting.

I always thought the wizard was a little quick to say goodbye
as he set his balloon to the sky.
It seems to me he had become a prisoner of his own life.
But I guess that's a horse of a different color.

When I came to Oz I wore my heart on my sleeve.
Didn't know quite where to hide it.
Walked out my door and left my childhood behind.
I was hoping to find what every young girl's looking for in her life.

I'll try everything and anything.
Too much never is enough for me.
I was never full. Not for something new.

I lost my innocence but still can't decide if I'm a good witch or a bad witch.
Walked off my path and wandered into the trees.
They threw apples at me! I was only trin to find me something to eat!

I want just a little room to breathe.
I've not had a lot of time to grieve over what I've lost. 
'Cause life keeps pushing on.
How much would it cost to buy back what I've done?

The witch is dead. I hear the song.
I've dreamt about this far too long.
Her broom is mine. The story has to end.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
It's been worth my while.
So, I'll click my heels and smile.
There is still no place like home. 

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